Lawrence Livermore National Lab Fellowship

The Georgetown University - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (GU-LLNL) Fellowship, jointly funded by GUMC and LLNL and administered at the Medical Center, provides funding to biomedical graduate students (MS and PhD) and post-docs who participate in internship opportunities at LLNL. We have created this fellowship in order to encourage and further deepen our relationship, in fulfillment of our longstanding Memorandum of Understanding with LLNL.  Located in the San Francisco Bay area and with a scientific staff of more than 5,000, LLNL is a global leader in many scientific fields including high performance computing, advanced manufacturing, applied genomics, host-pathogen biology, micro and nano bio-technology, bio-photonics, pharmacology and toxicology, WMD non-proliferation, and others.  The sheer size provides a depth, and the scientific diversity a breadth at Lawrence Livermore that together create a unique opportunity for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research for our students not easily found elsewhere.

The fellowship is open to students demonstrating academic excellence. Funding, based on merit and acceptance to an opportunity at LLNL, is available for travel, housing, meals, ground transportation, and stipends. The amount of funding awarded to each individual is dependent upon the duration of the internship and the number of fellowships awarded ($400 - $625 per week, not to exceed $7,500 total). The amount of funding provided is not contingent upon an individual’s personal financial situation or potential assistance from family.  The fellowship funding is in addition to any payment from LLNL. Depending on your placement at LLNL, you may receive a student salary or a daily stipend.

Programs at LLNL are available year-round for various lengths of time and can often be planned uniquely for individual situations and schedules. Several graduate programs at GUMC already have built-in internship opportunities that could easily fit into pre-existing programs at LLNL. We are no longer accepting applications for the Summer of 2019. 

Information about research directorates at LLNL that may have opportunities can be found here.

We will assist you in finding a specific opportunity based on your academic area and interests. (Please note that there may not be an open opportunity for every student interested and qualified.)

For more information about the program, contact Peter Luger at

To submit your expression of interest, please complete this FORM.

Summer of 2019 applications are closed.