Georgetown University is dedicated to conducting nationally and globally significant research that fosters greater insight and cross-cultural understanding, and addresses some of today’s most complex societal challenges.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Research advances and supports Georgetown University by fostering an inter-disciplinary, multi-institutional research environment that addresses complex, global issues affecting human health, security and sustainability.

Our office strives to create an environment that recruits, engages, and rewards collaborative research among investigators from the natural sciences, social sciences, computational sciences, and the humanities. Our partners also include investigators from other universities, national laboratories, industry, and research organizations around the world.

Our core mission is to:

  • Create/foster the development of new core capabilities and technology platforms
  • Develop new (often unconventional) partnerships, and
  • Experiment, foster and develop new research environment(s) that offer the opportunity to conduct highly-integrative research.

To accomplish our mission we:

  • Design and develop advanced informatics infrastructure(s) in partnership with leading technological organizations.
  • Provide a team experienced in complex, multi-institutional, multi-national relationships. 
  • Invest in developing relationships with other institutions, domestically and abroad, such as the Department of Energy national laboratories and foreign universities.
  • Develop and provide a technical team that helps identify, support, lead, and manage new research initiatives.  
  • Move our team among different research areas of interest helping cross-fertilize ideas from one domain to another.
  • Facilitate the development of new educational programs, which build relationships that enhance our research competitiveness.