ATra ™ Overview

ATra™ is a technology platform that creates a secure environment when analyzing sensitive data. ATra™ does not require “owners” of data to share their data with other “owners” in order to perform multi-dimensional analysis. Unlike other methods that seek to anonymize data, ATra™ can be engineered to remove the human analyst from the data analysis. ATra™ is a core component of the AvesTerra® distributed, large-scale, analytics environment.

The ATra™ platform was designed by Dr. J Smart, a Research Professor at Georgetown University and is currently deployed in a number of public health projects.  ATra’s core is a computer that is configured to be highly secure – the Black Box.  This computer is surrounded by a physical locked-down environment integrated with the Black Box and the operation of the Box is governed by collectively agreed upon processes.

OSVPR ATraTM Projects